class info

Sunday sessions   1 til 3 pm

St Lukes Church Rooms

School Lane , Exeter

A continuous series of 6 week courses introducing the basic movements , structure and breathing necessary to begin learning properly.

Starting with Loosening exercises to co-ordinate mind and body.......

Once completed you can then attend the regular Short Form classes in Exeter on Tuesdays and / or Sundays.

Regular weekend workshops are available in Exeter and Ashburton

About Aaron 

Regular practice :

strengthens the muscles

solidifies bones

stimulates the heart and vital organs

supports the immune system

sustains sexual functioning

settles the emotions

stills the mind, soothes the nerves

stretches ligaments and sinews

straightens the spine

activates a deeper mind intelligence

Aaron has  been training and practising the  method of Patrick Kelly for the last 20 years . Patrick was the only western "indoor" student of 

Master Huang Shen Shyan of Malaysia.

Currently  learning from Wee Kee Jin, the last personal student of Huang Shen Shyan,

attending regular workshops and week long retreat in the UK.

Learning to quieten the busy overthinking mind is essential.

We always begin the class with softening of the mind, an exercise to bring the mind back into the body so we can be present with our practice. Far beyond just a movement based exercise .

Mind - Body


form correction with Wee Kee Jin 

circa 1999/2000

The Sunday class is aimed at partnerwork (push hands).

Open for all to attend but some experience or knowledge of the Form is very helpful.

5 loosening exercises

Short Form 

Push Hands and internal force development.

photo : training in Shanghai 2015

Recommended reading...

 " Relax , Deep Mind "    author : Patrick Kelly.

 " True To The Art "          author : Wee Kee Jin

Both books available as an " ibook "

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