Relaxation is the key, smooth continuous movement harmonises mind and body... 

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Welcome to Sun River Taiji info site, drawing its name from the beautiful River Exe where the class venues are closely situated . Here you will find class details and some information about the Taiji i'm teaching.

Not all Taiji is the same.

Weekly classes to nourish the body and mind and return to the place of stillness and clarity from which daily life can draw us away from.

The lineage is of the Master Huang Shen Shyan tradition whose teacher was Cheng Man Ching.

Attending a 6 week introduction course is recommended  to give you the chance to experience the qualities and benefits of Tai Chi , and to learn the fundamentals of posture and movement. Once completed we continue with learning the Cheng Man Ching  37 posture Short Form.


What is Tai Chi?

An effective internal practice to maintain the health of mind and body- longevity, harmonising mind and body thru regular practice, a moving meditation and an art to circulate internal energy.

The classes are structured .

1. Quieten the mind.

2. 5 loosening exercises

3. Short Form  

4. Partnerwork.

5. Gentle meditation.

The Form ;  central to all styles of Taiji is the Form.

Once the initial choreography of the postures has be learnt , the more subltle sequential, internal changes can be added.

The form we practice is the 37 posture Cheng man Ching form 

Practice each posture , upright relaxed and stable.

be accurate with the transition movements between postures.Keep the mind soft and un-busy.

all principles of movement are in the form.

Since early Tai Chi records began, there has always been an attention to developing internal forces through the process of relaxtion. Training methods may vary although the goal is the same......to acheive a force created by relaxing and sinking .

This process seems to have been dismissed by many leaving the practice of Tai Chi empty of its original qualities.

A quote from renowned teacher Wee Kee Jin..." like having a car but without an engine..."  it may look great from the outside, but there is nothing to drive it, 

Tai Chi has physical and mental benefits just from lightly learning the form and a few exercises , usually just practiced for health benefits or some esoteric reasons. This is fine on one level but distinctly lacking its original essence.

Practice = Understanding

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