When the breath wanders the mind is also unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi acheives long life.Therefore one should learn to control the breath.

- Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Health , Relaxation , Self Defense

Modern 24/7 lifestyle can often result with the body and mind going in different directions leaving us anxious and overbusy.Stress related illness and fatigue will cause havoc with the  natural  energy flow of the body. Headaches, postural problems all occur with the build up of excess holding tension.

Tai Chi practice calms the mind , stills the emotions and reduces holding tension thru the body system allowing a more grounded approach to daily life.

Welcome to Sun River Taiji info site. Here you will find class details and some information about the Taiji i'm teaching.

Not all Taiji is the same.

There are some that emphasise gentle moving around with no understanding of structure, and there are some that adopt just a martial approach using postures as actual fighting techniques.

To truly understand Taiji it is probably best to avoid these.

The Form ;  central to all styles of Taiji is the Form.

Once the initial choreography of the postures has be learnt , the more subltle sequential, internal changes can be added.The form we practice is the 37 posture Cheng man Ching form 

Taiji is Taiji.

Often referred to as moving meditation , regular practice has an effect on the whole mind / body system , no question about it.

A system / practice of constant refinement

Cheng Man Ching 

Snake creeps down

Taiji issuing force

Mind  :  

A concentrated effort to close down the surface part of the mind is necessary .

Combined with the smooth harmonius movements of the Form , the benefits of Taiji will develop.

Much information about Taiji can be found in books and online via websites etc but only a true understanding comes from regular practice. 

The Form

Practice each posture , upright relaxed and stable.

be accurate with the transition movements between postures.Keep the mind soft and un-busy.

all principles of movement are in the form.

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